Good Morning!

Have a wonderful day!

sweaterharu inquired: Thank you so much! I just wope up, came to tumblr and saw this sweet little panda in my ask box, I'm sure my day will be great because of it :D Thank you so much! *hugs the panda*

You’re Welcome!

thisdreamsalive inquired: Aww thank you! You made my day! :)

You’re Welcome! Always happy to make someone happy…

Andy’s owner here!

Well that was a good start guys! Thank you for all the thank you-s I guess. See you around! And I swear I am not Misha….

Good Night! Or Good Day!

herefortheships inquired: Hello, thank you for the message ! Made me smile :) <3 Andy is so adorable!

Why Your Welcome! And Thank You! My Panda’s face is truly adorable!

-P(the owner)


:) #RandomActs4Misha Have a fantastic day!

I will print this and tape it in the notebook :)

WOW! My face is going to be on a notebook! How cool is that?

Hey It’s The Owner!

Andy needs to take a break for a while but don’t worry,We’ll come back again later! :)

moriartyking inquired: you made me smile ! thank you lovely <3

You’re Very Welcome!

cas-you-assbutt-dean-needs-you inquired: Hi Andy The Panda ~~ Thank you so much! {{{HUGS}}} to you too!

You’re Welcome!!!*hugs back* *can’t because arms too short* oh man…